It’s official: Microsoft is launching its newest version of Windows later this year. Their latest and greatest operating system has a whole new look and many upgrades from Windows 10. The tech industry is buzzing with excitement, updates, and even some rumors, so here we are answering a few of the most burning questions about Windows 11.

When will Windows 11 be released?

Microsoft has hinted that Windows 11 will be released in October, but this may only be on new laptops and PCs that have it pre-installed. It is likely that PCs with Windows 10 software will not be able to be updated to Windows 11 until early 2022.

How do I get Windows 11?

In order to install Windows 11, you’ll need to join the Windows Insider program. You will then need to use the Windows Update to download the beta from the Dev Channel. There are some pretty hefty system requirements in order to download the beta, so you’ll need to check to see if your PC meets the requirements. For more info about how to get Windows 11, check out this article.

How much will Windows 11 cost?

Nothing! Windows 11 will be a free upgrade from Windows 10.

What are some key features of Windows 11?

Windows 11 seems to have many upgrades from Windows 10. In terms of storage and security, Microsoft says updates will be 40% smaller, and that it is “the most secure release yet.” There are many design changes, including a whole new user interface. The search bar has been brought back to the start menu, and the taskbar, now called “the dock”, is optimized for touch and mouse peripherals. There are also new features that make multitasking easier.

Check out these additional new features of Windows 11.

When will Windows 10 go away?

Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 in 2025.

Should I upgrade as soon as Windows 11 is released?

When an operating system is initially released, bugs often appear that were unforeseen by the programmers until users like us install it and put it to the test. Waiting several months to upgrade to new releases is usually a good practice.