With an estimated 4.1 BILLION email users around the globe at the end of 2021, it is safe to say that email should remain part of your marketing mix in the new year. We are naming some of the most important reasons why email is still so important for reaching your audience. 

  1. Email marketing is cost effective. 

When you are stretching your marketing budget across print and digital advertising, email marketing is arguably the most cost-effective way to max out that budget and reach your customer base. For just pennies or less per email, you can personalize your message and connect with the people who want to hear from you (didn’t they give you their email address?). 

Pro tip: You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you designate someone specifically to manage that email list. Removing users that don’t open your emails, personalizing and sending messages, and corresponding with people takes time, but is important for making your email campaigns effective. 

  1. Email allows you to stay connected with your audience. 

Growing and developing an email list takes work. Why not connect with those people and give them something worth reading? And with smart phones more prominent than ever, people on mobile devices are checking their email three times more every single day. 

Pro tip: Make sure your email messages are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. 

  1. Email marketing is easy to track. 

After you’ve sent out an email to your list, you don’t have to simply send up a prayer that it will work. Most email marketing tools today allow you to check delivery and bounce rates, open rates, and see which links in the email your customers are clicking on. You can easily see which emails – or which part of your emails – are converting to sales. You can determine how often your customers want to receive your emails, and which subject lines lead to better open rates. 

Pro tip: Don’t ignore this part of your email campaign. Studying these components after an email is sent is just as important as sending the email in the first place. Keeping a close eye on these metrics will keep your emails effective. 

  1. Email allows you to increase brand awareness. 

Combined with social media and other forms of marketing, email allows you to increase brand awareness and foster customers’ relationships with your brand. What was it about your brand that made someone give you their contact information? Whatever it is, if you continue to give them what they are looking for, your audience will increase their trust in your brand. They may even look forward to or rely on your emails. 

Pro tip: A great way to lose customers is to send too many emails. Watching those metrics we talked about above is a way to listen to your customers’ wants and needs. 

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