Most working adults have used Microsoft PowerPoint at one time or another. Perhaps you dabbled in the program in highschool or college, or maybe you’ve even used it in your career to create a presentation for a meeting. However, it is likely that most of the people on your team aren’t using the program to its full potential.

PowerPoint has been around for years, and therefore Microsoft has continually been making improvements. More than just simple presentations, PowerPoint has become a powerful tool for businesses. Here we’ll go over some of the reasons that business professionals should learn Microsoft PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is reliable.
No matter what your project requires of you, PowerPoint is likely to have what you need. It has received countless improvements and upgrades in order to meet the needs of users. You can count on PowerPoint on most devices and in most settings.

It is easily shared with others.
Since PowerPoint presentations can be converted to many different file types, your projects can be shared easily with others regardless of their devices or programs. Now that presentations can be saved as PDFs, Word documents, or other file types, gone are the days of needing to install software in order to look at a document.

PowerPoint is so much more than just slides with bullet points.
You can now use PowerPoint to create powerful flowcharts and graphs to display your information. You can develop logos and graphics to use as content on your social media pages. Company newsletters or training videos can be created in PowerPoint.

It is easy for beginners.
Even the most novice PowerPoint user can still benefit from this tool. The program is user-friendly and has many of the same features as Microsoft Word, and it includes lots of help guides. Creating basic presentations is quite simple. As with any other program, the more you use it and practice with PowerPoint, the more efficiently and effectively you can use it.

Microsoft PowerPoint will continue to be used for the foreseeable future. If you think your team could benefit from learning the many features of PowerPoint, consider enrolling in one of our online PowerPoint training classes.