OneNote users: the future is looking bright! Microsoft, which had planned to discontinue development and support for OneNote Desktop, recently announced that they are changing their course and will indeed continue support for the desktop application.


Microsoft OneNote is an app that is used for research, note-taking, and storing information. Information can be organized into different notebooks, sections, and pages. Users can keep their notes private or share them with others for collaboration. For example, you may have a private notebook you utilize for personal use, as well as another that you share with your team. With your notes you can include images, photos, audio, and video. You can sketch or write with a stylus, if you have the capability. Concepts and ideas can be shared, developed, and organized, and reviewed or modified anytime, anywhere.


Simply put: OneNote is a very powerful tool for team projects.


OneNote for Windows 10 – which is pre-installed on Windows 10 devices and available to download for free in the Microsoft Store – will still be available. The OneNote desktop application we are discussing here is available with Microsoft 365 subscriptions and will hold the greatest value for users. Microsoft plans to roll out exciting new features this year and will continually be updating the program.


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