When it comes to passwords, it’s no secret that most people don’t exactly follow best practices.

While we know that the threat of hackers is ever-increasing, many of us prefer the convenience of simple passwords used across multiple websites. 

It’s human. It’s normal. However, it’s putting your network and data at severe risk. 

Did you know that approximately 23 million people are using the password “123456”? Or that 83% of Americans are using weak passwords, which may explain why “iloveyou” and “sunshine” are the two most commonly used passwords. Most importantly, one third of people stop doing business with companies that are responsible for compromising personal information. 

Despite the knowledge of the problems password vulnerabilities cause and the fear of being hacked, users still resort to passwords that are easy to remember. 

So what should you do as a leader?

It may be difficult to get your employees to set their passwords as a series of unrelated letters, numbers, and symbols that are impossible to remember. However, you want them to get away from the all-too-predictable options. Luckily, there is some common ground. Encourage employees to use words or phrases that they can remember, but to add in extra symbols or capitalize certain letters. Doing this will make the password much more difficult for hackers.

It is equally as important to remind employees not to repeat passwords. They can instead make variations of the same password. 

Educating your employees about the dangers of password exploitation is vital to keeping your network and data secure. Interested in scheduling some group training for your office? Contact us today!