Applying Pandemic Lessons to Shape the Future of Your Business

Day by day, we’re getting closer to a sense of normalcy as vaccinations rise and the most severe pandemic-related restrictions are stripped away.

For business owners and their teams, this raises an important question: What does the future of work look like?

Every business owner has to answer this question for themselves. And of course, every employee has to decide what they’re comfortable with and how they prefer to work.

Some businesses have committed to staying completely remote.

Other businesses are more reliant on a physical presence in the workplace, and they will be ready to be back in the office full-time as soon as possible, if they are not back already.

Still others are opting for a hybrid scenario in which team members are in the office some days and remote others.

Regardless of which path you choose, ask yourself these questions to ensure that the lessons learned during the pandemic can benefit you moving forward.

What Shined During the Pandemic?
In the spring of 2020, we were suddenly thrust into a work-from-home environment. Businesses scrambled to ensure that employees had the tools they needed to succeed. In some cases, that meant providing laptops to every team member.

In other cases, it meant selecting the write software programs to enhance collaboration across the virtual divide. Did you ramp up your use of Microsoft Project or Microsoft Teams? Did you tap into virtual meeting software like Zoom or a communications platform like Slack?

Talk to your team and study the data to get a sense of what worked best. Then figure out how you can build on it moving forward.

What Flopped During the Pandemic?
Not everything was a smashing success. Maybe some employees thrived remotely while others were distracted and unproductive.

Try to figure out the root causes of each, and create a plan to capitalize on the positives and rectify the negatives.

If team members struggled because they were not fully immersed in the software programs and didn’t have someone available to ask for help, maybe a dedicated training course for your team is the answer. It could give them the tools to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles on their own.

What Do You Want the Future to Look Like?
For business owners, this is perhaps the greatest takeaway from the last year and a half: The future is what you make it.

So many businesses proved that they could succeed in any situation. Now the leaders of those companies have the freedom to return to the old ways or chart a new course. It’s liberating and it opens up a world of possibilities.

No matter what business model you choose, the constant fact remains that knowledge is power and competency across a diverse range of software and technology will leave you and your team in a position to succeed.

No matter which direction your company is going now, we’re ready to go that way with you. Currently we’re providing virtual training for our open enrollment classes based on customer preferences. We’re offering training on-site at our clients’ locations for those who request in-person training. Whatever the new normal means for your company, we can respond. We’re here to deliver your training your way.